Gentle Reader

In which Coquette addresses the audience.

If you've been here before, you may have noticed a few changes to the site recently. They're mainly cosmetic; the chapters are black on white, rather than the reverse, which is a slightly less eye-destroying design. Apologies to those blinded by the earlier version.

However, if you're re-reading any chapters--God bless you!--you may also notice some changes in the tale itself. Again, they're fairly superficial and mostly stylistic, but in a few cases I've collapsed scenes or struck dialogue because it came to seem unnecessary. In the spirit of fair play, I've restrained myself from wholesale remodeling of earlier passages in order to accommodate later events.

The only exceptions to this rule are where I've made genuine, asinine mistakes such as losing track of my own timeline. (Hi, Peasant!) Apart from that, all of the important stuff--characterization, foreshadowing, plot--is virginal. Of course, none of this may matter to you, but I feel dutybound to acknowledge those who might care. I care.

And I do realize there are loose ends here. This is a trilogy, if I live to write it all.

Thanks for reading, and please do send a note if you feel inclined.

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